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Resolve and Commit

accountability commitment Jan 03, 2019

Okay, it is now 2019. It's a new year, a time for new beginnings and a focus on new or renewed objectives and goals. It is a time when conversations are dominated by our lists of "New Year's Resolutions". We create a plan of action to lose weight, eat healthier, read more books, be more productive, watch less television, be kinder to others, complete those unfinished chores, and. . . well, you get the picture.

While these resolution check lists are noble and well-intended, most of us (myself included) fail to achieve any of the items at the level intended when the list was made. It is practically inevitable that, by February 1st, we all fall back into the previous routines we set out to abandon - just see how much easier it is to find an available treadmill at your health club. Why is that?

The answer is relatively simple. We spend time creating the list and a course of action that will produce the results we desire but we don't make the commitment to follow through on the promises we made to ourselves. By not making the commitment to our goals we skirt around "accountability" which is the most critical component to realizing any successful endeavor. We allow other shiny objects to distract us from the process that will produce the results we set out to accomplish.

One of my favorite self-help books is "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. The very first agreement Ruiz proposes that we must make with ourselves is to "Be impeccable with your word". It is a command to honor what we say and what we set out to do. It is our commitment to walk the talk and hold ourselves accountable to our promises to others as well as those we make to ourselves. It is within this agreement our resolutions, all of them, come to fruition. It is within this agreement we become competent and credible. It is within this agreement we grow and nourish our character. It is within this agreement we achieve success.

Make your list of resolutions, commit to them, and have a very happy and productive 2019.