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Charisma - An Acquired Skill!

Most people feel that charisma is a gift with which great communicators are born. It is often enviously perceived as a "natural ability" to own the room and exhibit a commanding presence when engaging with others. 

It is quite the contrary. Like tennis, painting, photography, and woodworking, charisma is a skill that is perfected through study and practice. Charisma is the mastering of the art of engagement that draws others to us. It is developed by focusing on being passionate, present, and confident when in the company of others, whether in a social or professional setting. 

Facial expression, eye contact, body language and movement, vocabulary, articulation, and elocution are critical elements that contribute to charisma. While it is true that these may come naturally to some, it still requires awareness, focus, and practice to perfect and execute.

If you are interested in learning more about how to be a more engaging and effective presenter, speaker, or communicator and develop a commanding presence contact me to schedule a brief call to explore the possibilities.

Here's a great article about how to be more  charismatic:

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