Business Coaching

Develop Your Mission. Build Your Team. Create Your Culture.

Business Coach

Achieve "Excellence Beyond Expectation"

Mission - Vision - Values Development

Develop Your Mission. Build Your Team. Execute Your Excellence.

Success is driven by your company's culture, and culture is 100% driven by having a Strategic Plan built upon shared Mission, Vision, and Values. Having clarity about the impact you want to make shapes your culture and permeates the culture through every client interaction.

  • Create an organic Mission Statement that defines your "Why?", your "Purpose".
  • Accelerate positive outcomes 23% - 78% through a Shared Vision.
  • Rally 100% of your team around the Core Values that live within the company and in the lives of all team members.
  • Build a Strategic Plan that guides your company to its rightful destiny.

Bring your team together, gain clarity of mission, and create a company vision and value proposition in which everyone takes ownership.

Purpose-driven and Socratic Method off-premises workshops are the lifeblood of your organization. They create actionable directives essential to moving your leadership team into a new and challenging  future of success. These workshops and retreats afford opportunities to coalesce behind a shared vision that will guide the actions of every stakeholder.


Service Culture Development

   They Don't Quit Doing Business. . . They Quit Doing Business With YOU!™

Customers have more choices than ever today. Does your Service Culture incorporate every aspect of your business? Are all executives, employees, clients, and vendors part of your culture? 

Fred Reggie helps companies like yours close the gap between the service they deliver and the perfect experience they desire for customers or clients.

Staying ahead of your competition requires service culture awareness. Fred guides companies to:

  • Boost all-channel customer interaction and increase business referrals.
  • Eliminate inferior service touch points that are costing you business
  • Incorporate 5 practices that will immediately position you and your company as the quintessential service leader and virtually eliminate customer complaints.
  • Eliminate "Silo Identity" within your company.   

Excellence is not only what you demand for your company, it is what you demand for your customers.


  Communication and Sales Presentation Optimization

Passion. Presence. Persuasion. 

How do you feel presenting to a group? Are you uncomfortable, nervous, or tentative when making a sales presentation? Do you anchor yourself in the moment? Do you find yourself at a loss for words? How's that slide deck working for you?

Fred will mentor you to present with Passion, Presence, and Persuasion. You will quickly learn how to own the room. His Communication and Sales Presentation programs are transformational. You will create engagement and leave your board, your team, and your audience with valuable and memorable content that will resonate throughout your organization long after the event.

  • Discover Fred's signature proprietary 5-Step Presentation Pyramid ™ The innovative key structure of a powerful presentation that gets outstanding results. 
  • Develop and maintain strong and productive relationships that will endear and endure.
  • Stay on point and on track.
  • Use the C-P-A-T technique to effectively handle and overcome objections and stalls and close the deal.


Service Culture, Strategic Planning, 

and Sales Coach

Are you performing at your peak? Does your service culture represent your mission? Are you realizing and delivering your maximum potential?

"Excellence Beyond Expectation" is what Fred believes lives within each client. He will work with you and your team members to discover, develop, and deliver your company's full potential and to create a culture of unsurpassed excellence within your businesses and within your personal life.


Fred is Engaging

Delivering Memorable, Repeatable, and Applicable Content

Keynotes and Workshops


Keynotes set the tone for your event. It's what gets your members focused on YOUR desired conference outcome. Effective keynotes are developed and delivered as stories with a point and a call to action. An active Member of the National Speakers Association, Fred Reggie is engaging, inspirational, and influential. Fred moves audiences to action.


Content-Rich Workshops

Fred enhances and enriches any program, providing insightful and memorable content-rich applications that resonate with attendees long after the event. He delivers valuable content that meets the demands of your group.