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"I can think of nothing more agreeable to the brain and the ear than a speech adorned and embellished with wise thoughts and fine language."  -Cicero


Fred Is The Speaker For Your Event!


 The Captivating Speaker Who Ignites Action


In our world of fleeting attention spans, capturing hearts and minds within minutes is a rare feat. Yet, Fred Reggie isn't just a speaker; he's an engagement architect. From the moment he steps on stage, whether for a keynote, breakout session, or immersive workshop, Fred draws you in and never lets go. 

A seasoned storyteller with a passion that radiates, Fred weaves rich narratives that linger long after the applause fades. His message isn't just impactful; it's unforgettable, leaving you with actionable steps to ignite your own potential. 

Fred isn't just an international speaker; he's a catalyst. He doesn't just inspire; he sets your wheels turning, pushing you beyond comfort zones and igniting a fire within. He effortlessly connects with his audience, tailoring his message to the pulse of the event, ensuring everyone leaves with a piece of his spark. 

Don't settle for a speaker who fades after the last slide. Choose Fred Reggie, the master of engagement, the architect of action, the igniter of change. He's more than a speaker; he's the missing piece that elevates your event from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Let Fred Reggie captivate your audience and set their hearts ablaze. Contact us today and witness the transformative power of a truly influential speaker. 

Here's what makes Fred stand out: 

    • Masterful Engagement:¬†From the introduction to the final bow,¬†Fred keeps your audience hooked with his dynamic presence and interactive approach.¬†
    • Unforgettable Storytelling:¬†His captivating narratives blend inspiration with actionable insights,¬†leaving a lasting impact long after the event.¬†
    • Tailored Expertise:¬†Whether it's leadership development,¬†personal growth,¬†or team building,¬†Fred's message resonates with every audience.¬†
    • Global Influence:¬†Renowned around the world,¬†Fred brings a diverse perspective and a wealth of experience to every stage.¬†
    • Guaranteed Impact:¬†Book Fred and discover the difference a truly inspirational speaker can make.¬†

Ready to ignite your event? Contact us today and unleash the power of Fred Reggie!

A leader by design, Fred is an Eagle Scout.


Kelley Martin

Aetna International

"We were immediately taken with Fred's presence and style. He delivered a memorable and meaningful keynote to our teams, receiving the highest possible ratings in our post-event survey."

Alex Coleman

Anchor - WREG TV 

"During the Mission Vision Values retreat, Fred was really engaged with all of us. He made us feel that we actually belonged and that our voices mattered. He did a remarkable job of making us feel that every second there's a reason we were there. Fred included all of us in this important process."

Jeff Martin

Business Strategist

"Fred is a 'Service Culture Evangelist'! Having seen Fred present on several occasions, I decided to engage him as a Business Coach. That was one of the smartest investments I have made for my business."

Chris Rader

CEO - Rader Solutions

"If you are looking to drive your sales and close more deals, I suggest you engage with Fred in The Presentation Pyramid program. There is a direct correlation between the amount of time you spend with him and the increase in your closing ratio."

Charlie Davidson

Dir. of Sales - Cintas

"Fred is an impactful mentor and executive coach! His unique perspective and focused approach helped me develop an employee-centered mindset which initiated the transformation of my personal leadership style to one that allowed me to maximize the strengths of my employees while helping them recognize and work on their opportunities for improvement."



Fred Delivers!


Are you seeking a speaker who commands the room and delivers top-rated content for your members?

Keynotes set the tone and are the lifeblood of every successful conference. Fred engages his audiences in a meaningful and memorable way, ensuring that the message resonates with attendees long after the event.

Fred never disappoints!




Transformational Workshops

Are you concerned that your investment in any presenter might miss the mark? Have presenters in the past failed to deliver rich content with actionable outcomes?

Fred Reggie understands that there is a lot of money in the room when CEOs, Executives, and Key Stakeholders gather for one of his content-rich workshops on Leadership, Service Culture, and Sales. These interactive workshops provide practical and strategic applications that transform attendees into more committed and productive ambassadors of your organization.

Fred delivers!


Get To Know Fred

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Virtual Speaking

In the wake of COVID-19, the conference landscape has changed significantly. While large gatherings at selected venues have diminished, the need for rich content for your members has not. 

I will customize virtual presentations for your "attendees" that will leave them enriched with valuable and applicable takeaways. Your company or organization's professional objectives have not changed and should not be left to chance. Let's have a conversation about how we can work together to keep your leaders, members, and clients informed, inspired, and in sync with their missions.