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Who Wrote It? Man or Machine?

Recently, I posted a blog about AI and how it is stealing creativity. Now, a recently published New York Times article reinforces my personal opinion that, not only creativity but, the truth could be replaced as well.

See if you can tell which of these essays was written by a fourth grader or by a chatbot. You may be quite surprised.




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Love Calls - The Overlooked Goodwill Asset

In 1984, Stevie Wonder released one of his all-time classic songs, “I Just Called To Say I Love You”. It became an instant hit, quickly moving up the charts to the number one spot where it remained for several weeks. Additionally, it won a Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Original Song and it received three Grammy Award nominations that year, as well.  

The song is about Stevie making a call to his girlfriend for no special reason – only to say “I love you”. Throughout the song, he names the many holidays and occasions that usually warrant such a call but emphasizes that, unlike those days that prompt good wishes and expressions of love, this call was only influenced by his love for her.  

Do you and your employees make “Love Calls” in your business throughout the year? You should. Oh, I don’t mean it literally. Are you and your team making calls to customers and clients to express gratitude and appreciation...

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Compelling Mission Is More Important Than Salary

Recently, I posted a blog regarding how critical Service Culture development is to building value in any business. Now, this Business News Daily report details how Company Culture is more important than salary when job applicants consider where they want to work.

Is your company culture properly defined and showcased? Does your company Mission Statement speak to its true purpose and is it shared by every employee? Do your company Values align with the personal values of your employees and applicants? Is talent retention a concern in the current high-turnover environment?

If you would like to discuss the significance of your company culture, mission statement, and values, let's schedule a 14 to 17-minute call. Email me and we will put it on the calendar.



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Is Artificial Intelligence Stealing Creativity?

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), there has been a lot of talk about how AI will change the world as we know it. Among the many ways it is expected to change the world, one of the most controversial is its impact on creativity. Some people believe that AI will destroy creativity because it will make things too easy and predictable. However, there are others who believe that it will enhance creativity because it will give people new tools to work with. So, which is it? Will AI destroy or enhance creativity? Let's take a look at both sides of the argument.

The Argument for AI Destroying Creativity
There are a few reasons why some people believe that AI will ultimately lead to the destruction of creativity. First, they argue that AI takes away the element of surprise. When everything is predictable, there is no room for creativity. Second, they argue that AI makes things too easy. When everything is easy, people become complacent and stop thinking outside the box. Third,...

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Tipped Employees and Sub-Minimum Wage

According to this article, efforts are underway in many areas to do away with the sub-minimum wage model that dominates the world of employees who work for tips. Food and beverage servers, housekeepers, valets, car washers, and nail salon workers are among those who fall into this category. If proposed changes take effect, do you think tipping should be eliminated and wage increases passed on to customers in the cost of the meal or service?

Personally, I would like to see us move to the European model of "service compris" where all is included in the final bill.

Check out this very interesting New York Times article and let me know what you think. 

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Service Culture Development Is Critical To Building Value In Any Business

A company's culture is its identity. It's what sets it apart from its competitors and attracts top talent. A strong service culture is critical to building and sustaining value in any business. Here's why.

Team psychologists, Hackman and Wageman, define a positive service culture as a set of shared values and beliefs that guide collective action and shape individual behavior within an organization. It is the foundation upon which companies are built and successful teams are developed. It is a promise made to the public that speaks to reliability, accountability, and loyalty. There are countless examples of companies with strong service cultures—Zappos, Four Seasons, Southwest Airlines, Disney, to name a few—that have achieved long-term success due to their unwavering commitment to delivering consistent and superlative customer experiences. 

There are three primary benefits of having a strong service culture: increased employee engagement, improved customer...

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Do Your Employees Trust You?

One of the most important things a manager can do is to gain the trust of their employees. Trust is the foundation of a strong working relationship and it leads to increased employee engagement, motivation, and loyalty. So how can you build trust with your team? One way is to show that you trust them. We're not talking "Trust Falls" either. It means avoiding micromanaging and, instead, delegating tasks that give employees ownership over the work they produce. It also means exchanging feedback that is constructive and focused on their personal growth, professional growth, and the growth of the company.

Another way to gain employee trust is to show that you value their skills and experience. Giving them opportunities to share their ideas, offering fair compensation, and showing respect for their time and energy contribute to fostering initiative as well as creative thinking. Employees who feel valued and are acknowledged for their contributions are more likely to trust their...

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Commitment to Customers - A Time to Rebuild Trust

rebranding trust May 28, 2020

Do your customers still trust you in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic? Will it be "business as usual" in the coming months and years? Is your level of commitment to your customer diminished as you try to figure out what direction and adjustments your own company will be making in the coming months or years? Are you able to maintain your capacity to service their now changing needs?

You have spent years, perhaps decades, serving your customers and cultivating loyalty to your brand. Your customers have come to trust you because you consistently deliver on your promise to put their interests and satisfaction at the forefront of every engagement and interaction. There are never any surprises. Your staff calls them by name, welcomes them like guests in their own home, knows their likes and dislikes, and bends over backwards to accommodate them and create unique and memorable experiences. You strive to ensure that doing business with your company will consistently be the best thing that...

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A Better Customer Experience Increases Revenue and Decreases Costs

Uncategorized Jan 25, 2020

Exceptional customer service does not just happen. It is studied, planned, and executed to create an experience that customers will embrace, remember, and share with other potential customers. The trick is that is has to be addressed in a proactive way and not as a passive reactive process that handles complaints.

This McKinsey article identifies the four steps to growth and savings when it comes to customer service and engagement. Check it out at and remember that Customer Service is not a department, it's an attitude.

Service Culture Development is our focus. Email Fred if you would like to discuss how your company can improve its service culture and increase customers and profitability. Better yet, give him a call at 337-278-0835.

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Best Restaurants in Lafayette, LA. What's Your Favorite?

my idiosyncrasies Aug 28, 2019

We all have favorite restaurants for different reasons. Of course the food is one of the main drivers of positioning one at the top of our lists. There are, however, other qualities that contribute to appealing to diners - atmosphere, location, service, cleanliness, and attitude of management and staff. What are your criteria?

Here's the latest listing from TripAdvisor. Is your favorite restaurant on the list? Do you think they got it right? Tell us which one and why.

TripAdvisor Best Restaurants in Lafayette

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