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Love Calls - The Overlooked Goodwill Asset

In 1984, Stevie Wonder released one of his all-time classic songs, “I Just Called To Say I Love You”. It became an instant hit, quickly moving up the charts to the number one spot where it remained for several weeks. Additionally, it won a Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Original Song and it received three Grammy Award nominations that year, as well.  

The song is about Stevie making a call to his girlfriend for no special reason – only to say “I love you”. Throughout the song, he names the many holidays and occasions that usually warrant such a call but emphasizes that, unlike those days that prompt good wishes and expressions of love, this call was only influenced by his love for her.  

Do you and your employees make “Love Calls” in your business throughout the year? You should. Oh, I don’t mean it literally. Are you and your team making calls to customers and clients to express gratitude and appreciation...

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Compelling Mission Is More Important Than Salary

Recently, I posted a blog regarding how critical Service Culture development is to building value in any business. Now, this Business News Daily report details how Company Culture is more important than salary when job applicants consider where they want to work.

Is your company culture properly defined and showcased? Does your company Mission Statement speak to its true purpose and is it shared by every employee? Do your company Values align with the personal values of your employees and applicants? Is talent retention a concern in the current high-turnover environment?

If you would like to discuss the significance of your company culture, mission statement, and values, let's schedule a 14 to 17-minute call. Email me and we will put it on the calendar.



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