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Compelling Mission Is More Important Than Salary

Recently, I posted a blog regarding how critical Service Culture development is to building value in any business. Now, this Business News Daily report details how Company Culture is more important than salary when job applicants consider where they want to work.

Is your company culture properly defined and showcased? Does your company Mission Statement speak to its true purpose and is it shared by every employee? Do your company Values align with the personal values of your employees and applicants? Is talent retention a concern in the current high-turnover environment?

If you would like to discuss the significance of your company culture, mission statement, and values, let's schedule a 14 to 17-minute call. Email me and we will put it on the calendar.



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Service Culture Development Is Critical To Building Value In Any Business

A company's culture is its identity. It's what sets it apart from its competitors and attracts top talent. A strong service culture is critical to building and sustaining value in any business. Here's why.

Team psychologists, Hackman and Wageman, define a positive service culture as a set of shared values and beliefs that guide collective action and shape individual behavior within an organization. It is the foundation upon which companies are built and successful teams are developed. It is a promise made to the public that speaks to reliability, accountability, and loyalty. There are countless examples of companies with strong service cultures—Zappos, Four Seasons, Southwest Airlines, Disney, to name a few—that have achieved long-term success due to their unwavering commitment to delivering consistent and superlative customer experiences. 

There are three primary benefits of having a strong service culture: increased employee engagement, improved customer...

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