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The Escalation of Retail Tipping: Is it Time to Rethink Gratuity at Every Level of Service?

In recent years, retail tipping has become a controversial phenomenon that has spiraled out of control. From coffee shops to clothing stores, it seems like every corner of the retail industry has a tip jar or a prompt for gratuity. However, many are beginning to question whether it's time to eliminate tipping at every level of service.Tipping was initially introduced as a way to reward exceptional service and show gratitude to service industry workers. Restaurants and hair salons were among the first places where tipping became customary. However, in the retail sector, tipping has taken on a different meaning and purpose. It is no longer about rewarding exceptional service but has become an expectation, regardless of the quality of service received.

One key argument against retail tipping is that it blurs the line between regular customer service and extraordinary service deserving of a tip. Retail employees, who are typically already receiving a regular wage, are sometimes...

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Tipped Employees and Sub-Minimum Wage

According to this article, efforts are underway in many areas to do away with the sub-minimum wage model that dominates the world of employees who work for tips. Food and beverage servers, housekeepers, valets, car washers, and nail salon workers are among those who fall into this category. If proposed changes take effect, do you think tipping should be eliminated and wage increases passed on to customers in the cost of the meal or service?

Personally, I would like to see us move to the European model of "service compris" where all is included in the final bill.

Check out this very interesting New York Times article and let me know what you think. 

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