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There are speakers and then there's Fred Reggie.
An engaging communicator, Fred brings a rich quality to every keynote presentation, workshop, and executive retreat he delivers.


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They Don't Quit Doing Business . . .
They Quit Doing Business with YOU!SM

A true Service Culture expert, Fred has been on both sides of the customer service experience. Each of his successful business enterprises is, and has been, centered around uncompromising attention to serving customers and clients.

This presentation illustrates how fragile the customer relationship is and how easy it is for customers to find other suppliers. The key to success is to not only deliver products and services to your clients but to deliver an experience, rooted in a personal relationship, that will be engaging, favorable, and memorable, thus ensuring deeper relationship capital development and continued business as well as referrals.

Fred captivates audiences with anecdotes and humorous stories about his own personal Customer Service encounters, good and bad. Driving home his philosophy, Fred reminds everyone in attendance that "They don't quit doing business . . . They quit doing business with YOU!"SM 

Close the gap between the service you deliver and the perfect experience you want your customer to have.

  • Boost all-channel customer interaction and increase business referrals.
  • Eliminate inferior service touch points that are costing you business. (67% of customers switch brands due to poor customer service)
  • Incorporate 5 practices that will immediately position your company as a quintessential service leader and virtually eliminate customer complaints.
  • Be able to confidently ask your customers, "What was it like doing business with our company?"
  • Never lose another client or customer again.


The Presentation Pyramid
5 Steps to a Successful Close

People do business with those they Know, Like, and Trust. The foundation of any successful sale, negotiation, or productive outcome is a relationship built upon credibility, clarity, and mutual respect. This workshop presentation lays out a proven step-by-step process that creates the ideal environment to "close the deal". It will bring your employees to the pinnacle of productivity and profitability - EVERY TIME.

Transform your sales team into "MASTERS of the PRESENTATION UNIVERSE"

  • Discover Fred’s signature proprietary 5-step Presentation PyramidTM -  The innovative and definitive key structure of a powerful presentation that gets results.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships, no matter what the answer or result is in that moment.
  • Avoid missing the point, getting off track, or losing the audience.
  • Effectively handle objections and stalls.


Mission Accomplished.
Vision Shared. Values Lived.

Fred guides you and your employees on a path that will begin to enrich your lives and the lives of co-workers, colleagues, customers, family, and friends with each encounter. He shares how your message creates a Ripple that will Resonate beyond the moment and begin to Reshape the world around you, your team, and your customers.

Success is driven by the MissionVision, and Values which are organically developed by you and your team in an intensely collaborative and interactive retreat. Having clarity about the impact you want to make will help you all pass on that message as it permeates throughout every client interaction

  • Create an organic Mission Statement that defines your "Why?", your "Purpose".
  • Accelerate positive outcomes through a Shared Vision that keeps everyone focused on productive results. 
  • Rally your team around the Core Values that live within the company and in the lives of all team members.

Custom Keynotes and Workshops

Your Theme. Your Message. Your Results.

Customized for Your Event

Every organization has its own DNA with a unique message that must resonate throughout your conference and beyond. The afterlife of any Keynote is critical to the success of your event. It is essential that the message remains memorable and repeatable.

Fred will work with you and your team to create and deliver an impactful keynote that will engage, entertain, and educate your assembly. His customized keynote marries his areas of expertise to your corporate culture. It will honor the theme of your conference by reinforcing your primary objectives and delivering your desired outcome. 


Let's Talk Success . . . YOUR Success!

The mission of your gathering is the most important aspect of my work.
Let's discuss how to make your event an overwhelming success.