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Why Hire Fred?

Distinguished. Distinctive. Different.

Unlike other business coaches and speakers, Fred Reggie is an entrepreneur who has worked more than thirty-five years in leadership roles in multiple industries. He combines the best of big-company thinking with entrepreneurial instincts to create marketplace success. When team members go through one of Fred’s programs they gain psychological insights from his immense multi-industry life and career experience that yield PROVEN STRATEGIES to improve business relations, leading to increased customer satisfaction, increased productivity and more closed sales. When mindsets change, as a result of Fred's programs, productive outcomes increase exponentially (and so does morale).

If you want a 3-dimensional perspective of how you and your team can succeed, you're going to hire Fred. Why are we so confident with this statement? Because Fred, with his 360° view, has spent years developing programs that work. Fred has been there!

An active member of the National Speakers Association since 2005, Fred is an accomplished influential, inspirational, and engaging international speaker and presenter. He is a seasoned communicator who has addressed hundreds of audiences and works with executives, community leaders, and professionals on transforming talents into productivity. 

Fred's Areas of Expertise include Leadership, Service Culture Development, and Sales.

A former National Board Member of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Fred is a highly recognized nonprofit fundraising expert. Most notably, he developed, directed, and grew an ongoing nationwide program that has raised more than $450 million for St. Jude.

A leader by design, Fred is a proud Eagle Scout.




Mission. Vision. Values.

The principles that serve as a compass to guide all we do.

Mission Statement

To be the unparalleled resource of Excellence Beyond Expectation for our clients by guiding them to discover, develop, and deliver their talents to all of their personal and professional endeavors.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as the indispensable leadership resource for our clients by mentoring them through increasing levels of individual and organizational accomplishment.

Core Values

Integrity - Trust - Compassion - Loyalty - Generosity - Humility -  Empathy - Service


"We Serve to Serve Again"SM

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